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Objective. By studying longitudinal partnership trajectories in a sequence analysis, this article examines the types of partnership trajectories that are observable between the ages of 15 and 40. It furthermore asks how individual characteristics and regional living conditions relate to the sequencing, timing, and quantum of partnership transitions. It finally shows how the turbulence in partnership trajectories relates to these factors. Results.

Partnership trajectories split up into four patterns. Educational level, gender, and ethnic background significantly influence the probability of experiencing one of these partnership trajectories.

Urban residents experience greater diversity in partnership statuses and are single for longer periods than rural residents. Twenty-six years after Germanyвs unification, socialization in eastern or western Germany Henta Double Penetration Free Porn matters: Oiled Asian Bound And Bred - Mature Sexy Wife Germans are more likely than western Germans to remain in a cohabitation until they are 40.


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