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Theres something wrong with my vagina, but Im too scared to see the doctor. Help

One of the most common primary causes of vaginal pain during intercourse is a dry vagina. Usually, when a woman is sexually aroused, fluids are secreted in the vagina that keep the lining well lubricated.

But if a woman is not sexually aroused, or if fluids are not secreted for some other reason, intercourse can cause very painful damage to the vaginal lining. And in some cases, the lining of the vagina can actually tear, resulting in post-intercourse bleeding. There are two ways to avoid a Women Orgasm Compilation Free Porn vagina during intercourse.

The first is to avoid intercourse until you are sexually aroused. The second way is to use an artificial water-based vaginal lubricant, such as K-Y jelly, Vagisil Intimate Moisturizer, or Replens Vaginal Mosturizer, as a substitute or backup for natural lubricant.

Since vaginal secretion is usually an indication of a woman's sexual interest, I usually recommend that intercourse wait until she experiences sexual arousal and natural lubrication. I want couples to avoid getting into the habit of sex that's passionless for her. But if natural secretion is an unreliable but Im too scared to see the doctor. Help of your sexual arousal, I would certainly recommend an artificial Theres something wrong with my vagina. If you're not sure if a dry vagina is the cause of your pain, use an artificial lubricant once.

If there is no pain under those conditions, then you have proof that it's the cause of your distress.

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